Up Until Now

Well, I must say like many others, the introduction to “edublogs” is indeed different! In speaking with several of my colleagues, I find that we share a lot of the same concerns ( privacy in postings, content of reflection, time commitment etc..). However, as the weeks have passed Dr. Carter has addressed these concerns with respect and sympathy to everyone feelings. Yes, this is a new experience for most of us, one in which I openly welcome, yet, somewhere in the back of my mind, I still feel a bit uneasy when it comes to my individual reflection. I guess as time moves on and I continue to read the comments and postings of others, this uneasiness will dissolve. So, for now, I will do my best to learn and”work this edublog” experience.  Thanks Dr. Carter!  

2 thoughts on “Up Until Now

  1. Thank you, for hanging in there with us! I hope it will become a more familiar (and friendly) tool for you as we proceed. Just use it to the extent that you feel comfortable in putting your thoughts on paper (or web, as is the case). Writing is a form of thinking, and we all benefit from hearing and reading your thoughts! I do love the changing design header of this blog, as well:-) tjc

  2. Thanks Dr. Carter for your feedback, it is always helpful. I’m certain that I will adjust. Like anything new, it takes an intial “getting acquainted” period and then you get it!

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