Consulting Skills-Reflector/Entry 4

On the path to consulting……..As we journey into depth with our chosen clients we are discovering that it is important to fold back one layer of that onion at a time.  Thus far, we have learned that consulting can be very complex.  Techniques are not enough, there are many different roles that a consultant must consider in dealing with a client.  Mainly, knowing the difference in the roles of an internal vs. external consultant.  Starting with the contracting phase, it is important to develop a written contract, which should display your clients wants, as well as your wants.  In addition, we have learned to recognize and deal with certain types of resistance in clients, as well as deal with some agonies involved in the contracting phase.  Although, I missed the class discussion on diagnosis to discovery and data gathering, after reading the text, I now understand the importance of the steps in getting the data and the few ways that data is collected.

As we move forward with our projects, we must keep in mind that in order for the consulting process to be flawless, it must be a 50/50 relationship, and that it is the client who owns the problem.  We are there to help them so that if the problem occurs again in the future they will be equipped to handle it themselves. Following all of the required steps to flawless consulting as outlined by Block and Schein is sure to make the consulting process successful!