Captone – Entry 1

To Fear or Not to Fear – That is the Question?

This is it, Capstone! While I’m eager to find out what action learning is all about, I’m just a little uneasy of what lies ahead. I have heard several different perspectives from previous students that took the class, all of which were interesting and varied in opinion. While I do feel a little uneasy now, and I believe this is because I don’t know who our client is just yet, I guess my feelings are just “the fear of the unknown”.  After a lengthy discussion about action learning and our VARK learning styles during our first class session, I feel that this group has a little more preparation than previous groups because we took the Consulting Skills course, which to me, may be like a mini version of the capstone.  I really enjoyed our consulting skills project and know that with the right tools and team members I will enjoy the capstone project as well. Here’s to what lies ahead in Action Learning!